Stem Cell Banking & Therapy

Transmedical For Life: Stem Cell Banking & Therapy

Transmedical For Life is the pioneer in both stem cell banking and stem cell therapy in the Middle East region. In line with our high standards for quality, we are the only firm in Lebanon to store locally ensuring the viability of the stem cells and ease of access for our customers. Moreover, the stem cell facility is monitored 24 hours a day via satellite by Chart Biomedical which is one of the most globally recognized firms in cryo-preservation.
In addition to stem cell banking, Transmedical For Life is one of the few firms in the Middle East region that does stem cell therapy. We are on the forefront of stem cell therapy in the region and are partnered with globally recognized doctors in developing stem cell treatments (Canada) for our patients.
Our stem cell banking and therapy division is comprised of the following four key activities

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