Our Value Propostions

Our Value Propostions

“Our propositions make us truly unique in the Middle East region and beyond”

Transmedical For Life is the only firm to be GCLP certified in the Middle East
The GCLP (Good Clinical and Good Laboratory Practice) certification is provided by the EU according to World Health Organization requirements. It is given to a organization based on laboratory management, project managers, clinical research associates (CRAs) and quality assurance exhibited.
 The fact that Transmedical For Life is the only organization to have this certification is testament that the standards of the GCLP is of the highest order – no other organization in the region has been able to meet the standards of the GCLP or our own.
Value to you: Increased certainty in quality of test methods and its results
Our team is composed of the highest qualified doctors and lab technicians in the Middle East
The Transmedical For Life team is led by Dr. Marwan Masri who is a world renowned figure in the field of organ transplantation, and drug evaluation, especially for cancer and immunotherapy drugs. Through his work, he has held several key global positions such as the President of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation (MESOT) and President Asian Society of Transplantation (AST), and the Mediterranean Transplant Network (MTN ) He is supported by Sylvana Rizk who has extensive experience in immunology and transplantation testing as well as in basic research. She is a member of the MESOT, the Arab Society of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation and AST.
Value to you: Workingwith a like-minded, experienced and qualified team
Our proven track record in undertaking complex studies
We pride ourselves on taking on complex studies not just across the region but all over the globe. We have completed these studies successfully which has led us to obtaining several globally strategic contracts. One such example of this is a contract that was awarded to us by the Department of National Defence and Armed Forces of Canada which focuses on the research to develop a remedy for the Ebola virus infection. Contracts that are strategic and complex in nature such as this require world class insights as well as innovative solutions, both of which we provide at Transmedical For Life.
Value to you:  Increased certainty in positive outcomes of research contracts
  • A long established organization in Lebanon with a foothold in the entire Middle East region and the world.
  • A highly qualified team with over 30 years of experience each including the former president of MESOT.
  • An organization that has garnered extensive experience from over 50 studies conducted in and beyond the Middle East region.
  • An organization that has produced over 80 publications.
  • The only laboratory to be certified Good Clinical and Laboratory Practice in the Middle East.

Who We Are

  • We conduct laboratory tests within a broad range of medical areas

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