1 Measurement of lymphocyte Cyclosporine levels in transplant patients. Transplantation Proceedings
2 An assay for the determination of sirolimus levels in the lymphocyte of transplant patients. Transplantation Proceedings
3 Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tousrims: The role of Global Professional ethical Standards-The 2008 Declaration of Istanbul. Transplantation
4 A commitment to integrity, accountability, and ethics in publication. Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
5 The Role of Generics in transplantation. TM-MMF vs. Cellcept in Healthy volunteers.  Transplantation Proceedings
6 Bioavailability of a new generic formulation of Mycophenolate Mofetil MMF 500 versus CellCept in healthy adult volunteers. Transplantation Proceedings
7 Prograf ®5 mg vs. Tacrolimus Medis in Healthy Volunteers: A bioequivalence study. Transplantation Proceedings
8 Generics in transplantation, and the international rules and regulations on their use. Tissue  Antigen
9 Bioavailability versus bioequivalence: the Cyclosporine model.  Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
10 4 way crossover comparative study of Equoral vs.  Neoral in healthy volunteers. Transplantation Proceedings
11 The pharmacokinetic of Equoral®  vs. Neoral® in stable renal transplant patients: A multi national multi-center study. Transplantation Proceedings
12 Switchability of Neoral and Equoral according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations. Transplantation Proceedings
13 Cytokine gene polymorphism in a Lebanese transplant population and its impact on graft acceptance: a single-center pilot study.  Transplantation Proceedings
14 Solid-organ transplant activity in MESOT countries. Experimental and Clinical Transplantation
15 A comparative study of HLA Allele frequency in Lebanese, Arabs, United Arab Emirates, and East Indian populations. Transplantation Proceedings
16 Quality assurance scheme in monitoring renal transplant patients. African Journal of Health Sciences
17 Comparative study of toxicity and efficacy of cyclosporine , cyclosporine G(0G37), FK506, and rapamycin in BALB/c mice with fitted skin graftsTransplantation Proceedings
18 Cyclosporine A versus cyclosporine G: a comparative study of survival, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and splenic atrophy in BALB/c mice. Transplant International
19 Histologic changes in atrophic spleens of mice treated with cyclosporine A. Transplantation Proceedings

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